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I bought everything on 9-5-15. It made me breakout so I called on 9-29-15 to send it back and get a refund, which they said was no problem. I got it cancelled, but they sent me the 2nd. order, and I changed my credit card number so I didn't see the charge. They turned me over to a collection agency for that order. I have a cancellation number and a name, Henry, who I talked to when I sent it back. Usually I always save my post office receipt, but couldn't find this one They have to have that before a refund. I'm sure they received it... Read more

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I ordered the product cize for an one time payment before my trail date came up I called to cancel everything, the rep for this company Carmen, said it was canceled, an month later there's an charge on my card for 41.79 for what , I called again they assured me it was canceled, I am still waiting on refund I have never, and never will again order from companies like this again dont need the headaches this is bad for business so I will let others know not to order from such companies by the way i... Read more

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I have had around £100 takig from my account which keeps coming out i will do the full math later but it cost around £20 foe the dvd so why is this money atill coming out?! I want a full refund so i would like you to respond. Add comment

Ihad charges on my first bill for 83.59 your inforercial said $19.95 which seems to be a Lie.I didnt get anything but dvds and vitamins bought my own containers at walmart.then i see $40.00 is gone this month for what? Im in a dispute on my card cant understand why you came back for more money.Ive dealt with this company through Michael fermen diet so honest no problem.i want my accout cancelled and will be seeking further action if my funds are not returned.cancel me this part of company does not represent itself well when it comes to truth... Read more

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I paid a one-off payment for CD set a month ago. The product arrived about a week later. Nothing further received nor requested. Just been charged another, even higher, amount - straight out of my bank account with no warning or reason. They are now blocked for future payments following a call to the bank but this has ended up costing me more than double what it was supposed to cost. Very disappointed in this company that appeared to be legitimate on the television - the TV companies should take some responsibility for advertising these... Read more

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I was thinking to join Beach body to continue with my fitness programme and i saw their special 30 day trial offer which caught my eye.Thank god i went to check reviews just in case and realised this is a total mess and they're only interested in charging you. I wanna thank everyone for sharing your reviews which saved my money n time. well i dont want to join these idiots.Looks like they keep on charging you even if you cancel the order.there are so many other websites who are giving true and loyal customer support and who dont cheat on their... Read more

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Placed my order. Received everything just perfect. Ordered a 2nd set of containers. Chatted to request a second set of labels. Received a third set of containers. Called again to get just the labels, NOT more containers. Received stickers to update the Fix-Ate cookbook. Called customer service. Rep would not speak to me because account was in my husband's name. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was cut off. Called back (4th time contacting CS) and am keeping my fingers crossed they finally got it right. How hard is it to package... Read more

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I was looking into ordering the 21DF and noticed it was cheaper on Amazon. So I ordered it from there (plus it was on prime). I like the program, BUT then I got an email from BeachBody telling me my order was placed.... I NEVER CONFIRMED THE ORDER. I "chatted" with them to tell them to cancel it RIGHT AWAY and that I never ordered it. They told me they would cancel it but LO AND BEHOLD it was shipped. I've contacted them by chat THREE TIMES and by phone at least that many and every time I have been told a return shipping label will be sent to... Read more

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I have cancelled several times things with your company, I have gotten a confirmation stating this was being cancelled. even sent this to you on 4/01/16. Dang if you didn't take it out of my account again on 4/14/16. I have had it. I haven't even used the Activit from the first order, and there was another order arriving in the mail. I let that one slide, as I thought well they just want to make sure you have enough. But 2 weeks later you charge me again. that was the last straw. I called and cancelled , said I had... Read more

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I tried the 30 day free trial and have no complaints about the videos in general, but on the delivery system. Basically unless you are an all around Apple consumer, or plan on using taking your PC with you where ever you work out... this is useless. I saw the advertisement on Hulu and thought it somehow worked within it like Daily Burn, but it doesn't. So then I tried on my Note 3... guess what... didn't work there either. Tried on my Tab 8, nothing. Tried on my PS3, and again nothing. I have never been so disappointed with a product. Read more

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