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Beachbody reviews, Beachbody complaints, read Beachbody reviews, find Beachbody reviews, Beachbody scam reports
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Industry: Fitness Centers
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  • 244 complaints
  • $51,263 claimed losses
  • $210 average
  • 28122 since Mar 22, 2008

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Main address: 3301 Exposition Blvd., 3rd Floor 90404 Santa Monica CA
1(800) 714-7254, ,
Beachbody reviews, Beachbody complaints, read Beachbody reviews, find Beachbody reviews, Beachbody scam reports
  • 244 complaints
  • $51,263 claimed losses
  • $210 average
Had an experience with Beachbody?
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  • Apr 14
  • Repeated Charges
  • 8

I called to cancel / prevent repeated charge to my checking account in March of 2014. The customer service rep. tried to keep me on the line to make me agree to buying additional products... He seemed to ignore my request. After many minutes of trying to cancel this product.. the rep continued to try to keep me on the phone even though I stated that I needed to attend to my business appt. I... Read more

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  • Apr 13
  • Martinsburg, West Virginia
  • Double Charge
  • 35

Well my package was supposed to be here within one week and after waiting almost two weeks I called just to find out that it hasn't shipped because it never got charged (or so they said). However my account showed it was pending. So after talking with two different customer service people I was assured by both my order never got billed and they were not running my card again that they were just... Read more

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  • Apr 12
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 36

I have ordered 2 products from this company (insanity and les mills combat) and have had issues both times. With Insanity, this company kept charging me for products, even though I said no to every single one of the offers. When I called I was blown off and had to argue to get my refund. Then 2 weeks ago I ordered LES MILLs Combat, and it never came. I contacted the company 3 times and was told... Read more

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  • Apr 08
  • Miami, Florida
  • Aggressive Upselling
  • 1
  • 47

I was interested in the T25 program so I called Beachbody direct. WOW, some guy definitely not from the states, started to automatically add on products even after I said no over and over. $130 became over $200, he didn't listen just upsold and automatically added products I didn't want. He became angry when I told him to cancel it all then quickly hung up on me. Luckily no charges showed on my... Read more

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  • Apr 07
  • Product Overcharging
  • 2
  • 43

Order the T25 from $120 for the product by the time it was over I received a bill for $175! huh? ok so they charged me additional $23.90 for shipping. The DVD $19.95, but $4.95 for a sample of $1 vitamins that was shipped in the same box!! Then they charged me some "sale upgrades" that I told them from the beginning I just want the DVD. Then when I call customer services, they keep hanging up on... Read more

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  • Apr 04
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Delux Package
  • 1
  • 34

I specifically told the representative that I didn't not want to agree to any up sales that they were advertising. After paying the initial $140 to receive the product, I thought that summed up my purchase. The next month they drafted another $80 from my acct. telling me that ordered the delux package! I knew this was incorrect because 1. My name was spelled incorrect in their system, 2. My... Read more

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  • Mar 27
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Membership Refund
  • 1
  • 51

I was charged $38.87 for a club membership I never signed up for. I called to cancel the membership and get a refund which they said they would do. When I looked at my account the next day to see if the charge was reversed I saw another charge. When I called to find out what was going on, they insisted that they refunded my money. After getting nowhere with a manager I called my bank and disputed... Read more

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  • Mar 21
  • Boerne, Texas
  • Fraud Charge
  • 1
  • 39

A fraudulent charge for $143.83 on my chase credit card. No one had that number except PayPal and the bank. I am in the process of contacting PayPal. Already cancelled the card. The bank will not pursue charges so this theft along with everyone else's will go unpunished. Very sad. Something is wrong when there are this many victims at one place. The first step will be to contact PayPal and... Read more

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  • Mar 21
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Additional Packages Charge
  • 1
  • 31

Ordered a Hip Hop CD for $19.95+ S&H. Billed for $60.92 :? Immediately called for an explanation. Told charges were for "additional packages" (that I never ordered :/) Willing to refund costs but not S&H because the "right package" WAS "shipped". It was sent with a package that wasn't ordered but the package that you ordered WAS shipped so therefore it's considered the "right order"... Read more

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  • Mar 11
  • Gladewater, Texas
  • 21 Day Fix
  • 3
  • 76

Ordered the "21 Day Fix" on the first day it came out on 2/3 (I knew it being a new product that everyone wanted would take a while to get to me) it arrived on 2/14 so I went through it excited to start and come to find out I was missing two DVDs and instructions for the videos So the next morning on 2/15 I called and got a nice customer service man who apologized and said they would send it to... Read more

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