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Main address: 3301 Exposition Blvd., 3rd Floor 90404 Santa Monica CA
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  • 1 day ago
  • Diets and Training
  • Shakeology
  • 73

I was charged for a shakeology automatic shipment and I decided I was done with beach body, and I wanted to return the product and receive a reimbursement. So I called Beachbody and they told me to send back the $90 pack of shakeology and within 10 business days of its return, I would receive my reimbursement. It has been over two weeks since it returned, and I have proof because I have the... Read more

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  • Sep 23
  • Diets and Training
  • Product Overcharge
  • 340

I saw the commercial on TV and decided to try this product. The commercial (1) payment will be waived and the rest would be broken down into (2) payments. While ordering the product on the phone the operator confirmed the (2) payments and told me the amount that would be charged to my account for the first payment and I made notes on what she said. She was very pushy on trying to sell me other... Read more

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Dishonest company, stole money from my credit card after I made eventing completely clear and even had the representative repeat my order details. It's been over a week since I called and freaked out to get my money back and still nothing. I'm now calling to report a fraudulent charge. Very disappointed!! Add comment


  • Sep 18
  • Diets and Training
  • San Mateo, California
  • Unauthorized Charges
  • 218

Beachbody and their customer service department are the worst I have ever dealt with. Not only are they very shady about charging your account for products that were never ordered, but it has been over 3 weeks since this entire ordeal happened . I have still not been reimbursed the $149.00 I was charged even though I returned the beachbody products and Beachbody has confirmed they received the... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Diets and Training
  • Poor Customer Service
  • 111

I love the Beach Body products but I absolutely despise the customer service! Every time I call they cannot find my account, I have asked to have my email address changed 3x, they do not send receipts/confirmation to either email address when I have purchased something, I canceled my auto ship twice and was still charged then expected to pay shipping to return it, confirmation numbers given mean... Read more

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  • Sep 17
  • Fitness Centers
  • England, United Kingdom
  • Delivery Delay
  • 107

Do not order from this Company directly PLEASE!!!!!! I ordered and paid for the express delivery as in next day (£11.90), then received a conformation email saying I should get it within 5 business days! After calling them twice I got the old story about high demand for the product hence the delay. They were still unable to say when I would get it, all they could say was it had been "picked" and... Read more

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  • Sep 15
  • Sport
  • 21 Day Fix Products
  • 203

I received the 21 Day Fix products and had changed my mind about them before I even got the shipment, so I sent it back immediately. They got the product back on 21 August, but have only credited the taxes back to my card. I have talked to them on the phone four times, this last time on a 3-way call with my card issuer, who confirmed that they only received the tax credit back. I now have to... Read more

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  • Sep 15
  • Fitness Centers
  • Unreceivable Order
  • 95

Despite emailing chasing my order and receiving a auto say I will be contacted within 24 hours....still haven't heard anything. Really disappointed with the lack of service. When I placed the order the staff member was very friendly and good at selling more products which I agree to buy. Don't fall into the same trap! Better still don't buy from them. It isn't a genuine... Read more

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  • Sep 11
  • Health and Beauty
  • Subscription Cancellation
  • 211

I have tried to cancel my subscription to Beach Body twice. After getting the initial box if vitamins, workout tape and brochures I was charged more than what they initially said. I tried to cancel at that time. They continue to send products and take money out of my account. Today I received another box containing vitamins I was very upset. I again called to cancel this order. Spoke to a... Read more

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  • Sep 04
  • Fitness Centers
  • Unauthorized Credit Card Charges
  • 2
  • 2
  • 292

I went to the Fill and Freeze website..Supplied all the necessary billing information. The total for a 30 day supply came to $39 and change with a shipping charge of $6.95. I approved the order..THEN the website continued down page to where i was offered another fee for 3 months. Also theree was another offer at a less charge for continuing for a couple more months but i wouldnt have to pay as... Read more

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