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Dear BeachBody,Llc, Beachbody was ordered for my wife. The only thing to arrive was the cheap plastic containers and stickers. NOTHING ELSE! No books, no DVDs, nothing! Ship date: 18-Jul-2016 Actual wgt: 1 lbs. (Lmao) System:571710. FedEx Express (3x the cost of the items) The containers were sent into 2 separate boxes when it could have quite spaciously fit into 1 box. I want the books, the DVDs, and the other items that are advertised to go... Read more

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April 2016 I ordered.I received my order. May 2016 I called to cancel the monthly multiple charges. They delivered more supplements...I called (again) They assured me it was cancelled. They refunded me for the online service. They did not refund me for the supplements. They billed me 3 more times...May, June and July. I just noticed the charges today. I called (again) They looked up my account. They called me by a different name. It took 30... Read more

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So the workouts are average, shakes are average. My coach was a friend, and so I was doing her a favour and hoping to get into regular workouts. AND THEN I tried to cancel my account with Beachbody. BEWARE they use aggressive sales tactics to try to keep you from cancelling your account. Nice people on the telephones, sharks behind the scenes telling the reps what to say. I had to ask to cancel the account several times, and pretty much be... Read more

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Bought the initial DVD and have been charged quarterly since despite calling twice and being told the subscription was terminated. Finally Costco changed cards and they have tried 3 times to tap the closed account. Hate them. They leave a bad taste for infomercials. I don't have any more to say but will now fill up the required 100 words. Ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff ripoff No no no no no no no... Read more

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OK, so, I've been seeing the CIZE commericals on TV but i'm wary of ordering things off TV since Ive been burned in the past. I went to the ATM and got cash went into another bank and purchased a VISA gift card. So far, so good. Went online and "purchased" the CIZE DVD set only for $78.50. No shakes, no pills, no meal plan, no coaching. Got an e-mail the next day later more info is needed - so I call the 1-800# and ask them what info do you... Read more

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I went into their website just to look at their product and I received a notice from my credit card dept that they attempted to charge me for something I never ordered. Fortunately that account has been closed and they weren't able to collect anything. The interesting part is how did they obtain my credit card info?

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I specifically asked them to cancel any recurring shipments. They assured me they would. Got a charge on my visa several months later. Caught it right away (I was online banking when the charge appeared), but they couldn't cancel the shipment and it ended up over drafting my account. I was ping-ponged in a cycle of 6 reps... And they requested personal banking info (no thank you to a company that's shown themselves to be untrustworthy) and asked... Read more

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I have recently found out I'm pregnant and have been trying to cancel my subscriptions and coach account. They apparently have my wrong social security number and won't let me cancel unless I fill out a w9 and submit it to the irs!!! What? Something fishy is going on. That could take months and until then they are going to keep charging me 150 a month. The customer service is also rude. If they have my wrong social then why are they charging me?... Read more

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I HATE this company! Hated shakeology and called to cancel my $40 subscription because I DON'T have the money and don't want the product. The lady on the phone didn't speak English and didn't even pronounce my name correctly, and I asked her four times to make sure my card wouldn't be charged any further. She promised up and down it wouldn't be, and I woke up a month later not only with a negative $40 balance from them, but an OVERDRAFT of $36.... Read more

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Do not buy. Does not work. Recurrent shipments. Fraudulent. This is one of the stupidest things I have done in my life. I have no idea why I got roped into this. Please do yourself a favor and never every buy a product from them or even think of it. I will go on Skype after I call my back and financial adviser you are cheats i won this is 100 words yet I got roped into this. I will go on Skype. Does not work. I will go to the better... Read more

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