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My problem is not with their product, my issue is with there billing practices and lack of customer service, i contacted them via their customer service phone number from website on July 25, :2016. Explained didn't want product any more, $39.95 was being debited from my account over and over again, surprise, surprise another shipment had just been sent out, abd if course I was responsible for cost, I told the rep I could not afford the... Read more

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I am completely done with beachbody!! I have had issues with their customer service since day one; Februrary 2016 until now September 2016. It has been one thing after another. Their service never ever follows through with anything that they say they will do or handle. There are constant mistakes with orders, with account set up, fixing accounts, redixing accounts after they say they have handled something that was their error ( probably because... Read more

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Beachbody - Unauthorized order and between the lines cost
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A week ago, I tried to order a 3 piece kit which is $5.95 per each 7 piece kit, totaled at $17.85. When I was about to hit 'submit order', I saw the small print saying it will bill another $17.85 for another two more months. First issue, I never clicked 'submit order', when I read that small print, I wanted to reduce the quantity to one, which would reduce the amount billed to $5.95 for only one 7 piece kit. It wouldn't let me change the order,... Read more

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I changed my mind after filling out the first form on line i exited the web page next thing I knew they have charged my credit card more than the email I received stated !! I did not want the order and as i had said I wanted to pay in installments was quite concerned. I had several chats with the company on line and on the phone wasted about two hours at least was told could not be cancelled just to return ? At my expense I don't think so! Then... Read more

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They do not have on record the 3 times that I called and cancelled and I got three different answers. Iam very pissed!!!!!!! The times that I called I gave the beach body employee my card number for the money to be refunded. Still no money. I only wish to talk to anyone higher then the customer service level since they can't do their job. The money that is in limbo was the money I was going to use on my kids. Having a crappy weekend Read more

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Spoke to a gentlemen four hours ago that said he would send me a email for returning my product and no email has come through. my email address is: Why do I have to enter 100 words all I want to do is return the product that I didn't order in the first place. Beachbody is a scam as they send products you don't order or want. This is so crazy that I can't think of 100 words so will just repeat your company will never get... Read more

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same issue, billing me for something that i paid. not sure what it is, but i am pissed at beach body, never again will i buy something from them. just called beach body and supposedly i am up to date on all the bills. not sure what they are billing me for, so i am not paying. plus i paid all by credit card, so this just doesn't make sense. same issue, billing me for something that i paid. not sure what it is, but i am pissed at beach body,... Read more

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Beach Body you got my money but my purchase is floating around the state of Colorado,not sure who's fault that is Fed Ex,BB, or the Postal service. I emailed BB with no response. I sure wished I would of seen these reviews and ordered else where.

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I ordered beachbody on 8/4. After 11days of not recieving my order i called beach body and was told the order was never recieved... i reordered and recieved that order in less than a week! Then i few days later i see the original order in my bank account... i call again to be told the order that i ordered 2weeks prior was now on the way..... customer service was pleasant.. they told me they would refund me before recieving the order... several... Read more

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What a nightmare! Got videos and shakeology...which wasn't bad. But before I knew it, I was charged another $119 for another bag, 5 days later...ANOTHER bag. Cancelled...I was offered a refund and a mailing slip to return the shakeology, got confirmation number, but no refund, no mailing slip, called back, and no one knew what I was talking about, confirmation wasn't legit. Had to send a form to my bank, still waiting on refund....just too... Read more

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