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Beachbody - Body Beast rekindled my fire for fitness, burned off 51 lbs!

You get what you earn, nothing more, nothing less. With Body Beast, I earned a weight loss of 51 pounds, 6 inches off my waist, and my strength doubled or tripled on all exercises. I love the way this program was laid out so anyone could follow it. Throughout the 90 days, I didn't miss a workout, and my nutrition was by the book. I like the step-by-step explanation in regards to nutrition, the pace of the workouts, and the results. The thing... Read more

Beachbody helped me get healthy to start a family

Beachbody On Demand has helped me to lose 115 lbs, and I could not be happier. My husband and I were ready to start a family, but I weighed in at a whopping 276 lbs, and blood work revealed that I was pre-diabetic. I knew that being extremely overweight would put me at high risk for many complications during pregnancy. I needed to get a grasp on my weight and become healthier before trying to conceive. I fell in love with Beachbody's... Read more

I hate running, but I love any workout from Beachbody!

At 285 lbs., I knew that I needed to change my lifestyle and make better choices for my health. I always figured that if I ran every day, I would lose weight. But, I've never liked running, therefore I would never stick with it. But, with the P90X series, there is a lot of variety, which kept me from getting bored. With P90X, P90X2, P90X3, and even one round of Body Beast, I lost close to 100 pounds, and I even have a 6 pack showing. I never... Read more
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Hello Frank, When you contacted us on September 11, 2017, following our international order process, the customer service agent created an account, and manually placed your order with the information you provided. Unfortunately we were unable to validate the billing...
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INSANITY pushed me to limits I never thought I could reach. I got results that I would see only on TV or in magazines. The workouts were effective, and I liked how you use your own body weight to build muscle. The recipes were all laid out for me, I just had to dig in...
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I was inspired to begin my transformation by the before & after pictures a close friend posted on social media. My friend, who had a similar build to myself, had just completed the INSANITY MAX:30 program, and I just knew this was what I wanted to accomplish. With the...
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Dear Sandy, After providing your shipping and payment information and then clicking the "Place Order" button, your original purchase begins processing; however, we may offer promotional products that we think would be of benefit to you after your order is placed. It...
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I was always skinny and had a hard time gaining weight or muscle. I felt self-conscious about my scrawniness and was embarrassed to take my shirt off at the pool. I tried lifting weights for years without any formal instruction or training and got minimal results. Body...
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My greatest challenge was... I love red wine. That might seem a little funny, but it is the truth. I was drinking at least a bottle of wine each night, and although I really don't think I had a drinking problem, as I could leave it alone when I wanted to, I did...
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Beachbody On Demand is a great resource as it allows you to do every Beachbody program! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars monthly for a gym membership for my family, we have access to hundreds of workouts designed by the best super trainers in the world! We can...
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With 21 Day Fix I was able to lose well over 100 lbs and tons of inches. I have gained so much energy and a better self esteem. I have also learned how to make fitness a part of my life and how to eat the right foods for my body. I'm proud of that the most because...
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Beachbody On Demand was the sole reason I was able to stay active and complete my programs while traveling. As a territory sales manager, I travel 75% of the time. With BOD, I was able to stream my workouts at home or in hotel rooms, on smart phones, tv's, and...
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I can't believe I was able burn off 41 lbs so fast! I’m ashamed to have had that much to burn, but hey, its gone! I'm most proud of how I look now with a shirt off. I haven't looked like this in 12 years, and honestly never thought I would ever again!...
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