I tried to order Turbo Jam and got completely ripped off.After 2 months of not receiving what I ordered, I called again to complain.

They claimed that they were unable to deliver it to me, then only refunded part of my money. I would understand if I have returned it on my own that they would keep the shipping and handling. But keeping it for something I never even received! Come on!

And the guy that answers the customer service line did not do anything to help me until I started yelling. This company is a joke and needs to be shut down. And they will continue to hear from me until I get a total refund! Stay away from anything this company sells!

It is a complete scam, and I am sorry that I gave them a chance.And the most unsettling part about it is that they have my credit card information!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I think they are a very honest company. BBB doesnt just hand out A+ ratings and put them in the hall of fame for kicks... #justsayin


I purchased a set of DVD's for around $20 and when I ordered by phone it seemed like a regular transaction.Months later I found out they have taken money from my bank account TWICE for a total of almost $80.

I was never offered anything to justify these charges, never informed of any potential charges and I NEVER AUTHORIZED Beachbody to charge my account anything other than the $20 set of DVD's.

This is theft and fraud as far as I'm concerned and I will never purchase another product from them.:( :(


Terrible customer service.I returned Shakeology (within a few days of receiving)after having an allergic reaction to this product.

It has been almost 5 weeks since they received the return and still NO REFUND. (the do promise to process their refunds within 7 days) I finally called customer service and my refund was NEVER processed. After 35 minutes on teh phone, the rep I was talking to disconnected, so I got online to "chat" with someone. No refund ever processed.

No record of the return, so I cut and pasted the info from USPS.com to prove they received it. I got my return, however, they stated that it will take 24 hours to process on their end and then another 3 business days to go through and then whatever time my bank takes to process. So pissed off.... NEVER AGAIN.

Beachbody is too big for its own good.CEOs sitting big makin the money while the customer service goes to ***....shame on you Beachbody


I have always had wonderful customer service - I even ordered a shipment that was damaged by fedex and they sent a completely new system.They have an A++ customer service rating and have backed up mistakes that they haven't even made, such as the fedex issue.

I LOVE beachbody, have lost over 85lbs using there products, and they have saved my life.

So I guess I am alittle partial towards them being that I am alive today because of their products, fitness, and support.

Hope others work out their issues and sorry that they had such a bad experience.For those reading these please do your own research and realize that we all make mistakes.


I've always have had great service with the customer service department at Beachbody.The orders always come quickly, very quickly!

The people are great to talk too and they take care of things quickly.I think Beachbody is a great company and their products and trainers are fantastic!!


I worked for beachbody, and what the consumer doesn't know, is that they are getting over charged by one to two dollars.I know because I took order for beachbody.

I know that might not sound lot, but just imagine a few hundred over charges of two dollars.We are talking about thousands of dollars that beachbody is stealing from the cunsumer.


So this may be my fault, but I changed my credit card after my first payment to beach body ( 1 of 3) due to fraudulent activity not relating to P90X...Regardless, I made numerous attempts to contact p90X ( wrote 3 emails, called daily, even chatted with somebody) on how to update my credit card information so that my account would be charged and it wouldnt be considered a bad credit report.

Well needless to say, everytime I called it just went on and on and on, and I can't afford to be holding for OVER AN HOUR to speak to someone.

Guess they just won't be getting the last two payments.Can't say I didnt try!


I live in the uk and have many of beach body products always had great customer service and prompt responsers when I've emailed fantastic DVDs love Tony Horton and Charlean DVDs :) :)


:? I just found another charge on my bank account from them and I have ordered nothing other than the dvds and made it very clear I wanted nothing else!!! And I have received NOTHING else, but keep getting charged. I need a number to call, but can't even find that!!


Very unfortunate to hear all of these neg things & sorry

that they happened.

However, I've had nothing but great Cust. service.

Before you believe these things always

do your own research.

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