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This is the email I just sent them, and it contains my experience with BeachBody:

REQUEST: I want to CANCEL my auto-shipment of " Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" and I also want to CANCEL my "Team Beachbody Club" membership. I want them cancelled as soon as possible.

Comments: From the very first day that I purchased products from BeachBody, I have been scammed and conned into purchases and payments that I was NEVER made aware of. I ordered something that I didn't mean to (along with my already huge purchase) and as soon as I did (I didn't waste a minute trying to cancel it) I wrote Beachbody an email telling you that I made the mistake on accident. ( Side note: I wasn't sure about the price on this accidental item, and there was no button to take it out of my cart or review it, so I assumed I would be able to see my shopping cart before I checked out to make sure all of the information was correct. NOPE, I was not allowed to do that. My only option was to head to checkout, and when I pressed the button to head to checkout, the item was instantly purchased. ) Since I had JUST ordered it, I thought there would be no problem cancelling that one product. Then I get back an email response telling me NOTHING that I requested or asked about. A few keywords were taken from my email, and an automatic response (or the person who just didn't bother to read it) was sent to me. Thanks for that customer service, I really feel like you care. So I am unable to cancel it because of this, and the order comes in. I prepare to ship it back, and it apparently costs more to ship it back than the actual product costed! So I just kept it. And then today, about a month later, I go to my mailbox to find a package from BeachBody that I was not expecting. When I placed an order a month ago, I added T25 to my shopping cart, and then I received many free (or discount) offers. Considering T25 was very expensive on its own, I only accepted the free offers that I particularly wanted. I made sure to read about each offer and product to make sure they were truly free. And now here I am today, opening my mail box to a $104.04 package that contains nothing but the "Focus T25 Nutritional Advantage" supplement. I was confused, so I went to my online receipt in my email (which I didn't fully read due to me already reading my receipt on Beachbody's page) and there I see "FOCUS T25 Nutritional Advantage - -Free 30 day supply!" I'm thinking, "Yes, this is exactly what I purchased." But then trailing behind it it tells me that you are going to start charging me after the free trial (I signed up for the trial, not the auto-shipment!) and charge me for a 90-day supply, costing $29.95 per month plus shipping. Not only that, I see that my other "free" 30 day trial for "Team Beachbody Club" is also the same as the Nutritional Advantage. I'm being secretly charged after the 30 free days ended. I read thoroughly about these offers, and never saw anything about any of this! So either it wasn't there to see, or it was hidden very well from me. I trusted this company with my credit card information because I thought Shaun T's business would be an honest and respectable one, but now I see that your interest isn't in helping people, it's about how much money you can get and swindle your customers out of. I am a college student with bills piling sky-high (I told Beachbody this in the first email I sent about my accidental order), and also many doctor bills, and my family is helping me while running low on money themselves. This is the last thing that I needed to happen. I am ashamed that I purchased anything from Beachbody and gave money to this company. I am going to try and return this $104.04 purchase, but I am sure it will take a hefty amount of money to do that. So thank you for forcing me into eating ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the next month. I hope I've shown my disgust for this company's practices and made it clear how I feel. If I purchase anything from Shaun T, it will be from Ebay or some other shopping site. I want nothing more to do with this company, and if all of these auto-shipments do not get cancelled immediately I will make sure to spread the word to as many people I can, via all social media and word of mouth, about what has been done to me by this company, and I won't stop until the things that I asked to be cancelled are cancelled. I am attaching a photo of my bill that came in the mail in case you need it for any sort of reason. And let me just say, it takes a lot of to be able to get in touch with customer service, which is shady in itself.

I apologize to the service representative that reads this, due to the fact that you might not know about any of this secret charging business. I am not angry at you, but at the company. I have been through so much with this company that I am at my wits end, and am very frustrated. I appreciate you reading my email, and beg you to cancel these charges. I truly cannot afford it, and I am living off of very little as it is. Thank you for reading me email, and I hope you have a blessed day.

Review about: Beachbody Supplement.

Reason of review: Secret Charges, lack of help or concern.

Monetary Loss: $104.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Workouts and shakeology.

I didn't like: Unauthorized charges, Charges on my account, Unauthorized transaction, Gave me the run around, Terrible customer service, Costly return shipping.

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Thank you for the reviews I will not be buying anything from this company.

Santa Monica, California, United States #940573

My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service. After reading your post about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems.

When placing an order we do provide upsells and trial offers which you can decline when placing your order. We do apologize if you were charged for the membership and for any inconveniences this may have caused. When placing a customer’s order all charges are detailed before the call is ended and a customer’s order is placed into our system for processing.

If you were charged after you contacted us to cancel please call 1-800-240-1068 during business hours and ask to speak with a supervisor and we will refund you for any charges applied to your account after you contacted us to cancel your membership. We do apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.


There was no secret order or charging.Do you really think a company would give you a food product(nutritional)for free , and a 30 day supply at that ? This is what the offer stated , MBG...try it if you don't like it , return it within 30days for a full refund.lol.


I just ordered this product and had the same experience of a higher price at checkout with no means to remove any item.

I immediately responded to their acknowledgement email (same email address as their customer services) to cancel the item but received a delivery failure - illegalhost/domain name found.

I rang my bank to cancel the transaction but as it was not showing at that time I had no choice than to cancel the card. So here I am card/cashless for the next 3 days awaiting my replacement card for Christmas food shopping.

Comox, British Columbia, Canada #916779

This is where sites like ThePirateBay seem like legitimate solutions. If these companies rip people off like this, why the heck pay for their overpriced videos?

I've a friend who has ALL these videos and he got them for free. Stick with YouTube if you're not into piracy. There are tonnes of decent workouts on there, and shakeology is no better than any well sourced protein drink mix.

Can you not call your credit card company and let them know to cancel these?

MasterCard does as far as I know. I bet if Shaun T knew, he'd be let down!

to Lari #917010

I wouldn't stoop to their level, though they may deserve it! I'd prefer to be able to send it all back, this has just left a sick taste in my mouth for the entire company!

I hate that I gave them any of my money, or supported them in any way so they can continue to do this to people! What I ordered was a Christmas gift for me from my mother, and when I told her what happened last night she cried! We cannot afford this! On top of school bills (for two kids), medical bills, and Christmas for a large family, this is devastating!

I called them this morning, though I knew from other reviews that I would get nowhere. The woman who answered talked like she was reading from a script! She was loading me up with compliments and I ended up having to be curt with her. Everything I asked she just kept saying yes to, and agreeing to do what I wanted, but she never explained to me how she was going to do these things.

I didn't believe that she was truly listening. At the end of the conversation I asked for her name for future reference, in case they tried to say that I didn't call or cancel my auto shipment (which I read has happened often) and she stopped. She heard me clarey and perfectly throughout the entire 30 minute conversation, and when I asked her that she paused for for a few seconds, stuttered, then said, "I'm sorry, I didn't hear you, what did you say?" I asked for her name again, and she said, "Um, okay hold on.." After a little bit she comes back and spells her name for me, "Barballite".

So many of these other reviews talk about how they've gotten these phony names from people, and then a Beachbody coach will comment and say something to the effect of, "How dare you make fun of someone's name, you're such a child and it's all your fault and we do nothing but help you and blah blah blah.."

Anyway, time will tell if she fixed it or not.

I probably won't know for another three months. I'll have to try out YouTube! :) Any suggestions on who I should watch? I've also heard that Shakeology was nothing special, but I cannot say for myself because I haven't used it!

We called the credit card company (Discover) today and made them aware of the situation, so they are on alert if we receive anymore charges! I'm going to have to add another $40 dollars to the amount I've lost to them, a membership to their website cost that much and I'm not sure if that's monthly or over three consecutive months..

Ugh, I'm rambling! I just cannot believe how greedy and uncaring people can be!

to l2ebekah Laval, Quebec, Canada #923017

Try fitnessblender.com, hundreds of free workout videos for all levels of fitness (hosted in youtube and very well organized in fitnessblender.com), and you can get a workout schedule in pdf format for about 10$ if you want to support them.

About beachbody, I recently tried to purchase Insanity Max:30 and got a similar experience, in my case I did not even finish the checkout process and then I mysteriously got an invoice from them, a complete scam. I contacted their support team a few minutes later, mentioned the magic phrase "credit card charge back" and they agreed on cancelling the whole thing.

The sad part of this is that many of their products are actually very good and I really would like to support the trainers like Shaun T. and Tony, but giving my money to the bunch of thieves that are handling this company is not something I am willing to do.


I actually lost more than $104.04 due to not being able to cancel the first order, and it costing more to ship it back. AND the price of being a " Team Beachbody Club" member. But I am just trying to get my $104.04 back by returning the product, because it wouldn't be worth it to have to go through their extremely unhelpful customer service (with keyword email replies) to get more than that back.

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