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OK, so, I've been seeing the CIZE commericals on TV but i'm wary of ordering things off TV since Ive been burned in the past.I went to the ATM and got cash went into another bank and purchased a VISA gift card. So far, so good. Went online and "purchased" the CIZE DVD set only for $78.50. No shakes, no pills, no meal plan, no coaching. Got an e-mail the next day later more info is needed - so I call the 1-800# and ask them what info do you need?...
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I ordered the product cize for an one time payment before my trail date came up I called to cancel everything, the rep for this company Carmen, said it was canceled, an month later there's an charge on my card for 41.79 for what , I called again they assured me it was canceled, I am still waiting on refund I have never, and never will again order from companies like this again dont need the headaches this is...
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