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Back in November, I decided to start the 21 Day Fix program with Beachbody after chatting with one of my friends who is currently a coach.

There was a Thanksgiving accountability group on Facebook that included a group of individuals who would be completing the challenge all at the same time. I placed my order in advance so I would receive it that Friday before the program started on Monday.

On Friday while at work, I checked the tracking for the package and saw that it was out for delivery. Later that day, I checked it again and it said it was being returned to the sender because the wrong address caused a delivery issue. I immediately started calling FedEx to resolve the problem and found out that Beachbody ships through FedEx to USPS, which meant the package was shipped to a local USPS to be delivered. I spent two hours on the phone with USPS calling all the sorting facilities and trying to locate the package and came to find out that it had already been returned.

I called, very frustrated at the time, to find out that Beachbody hadn’t entered my zip code correctly. Then they told me they would send a new package and I phonetically spelled out my entire address to verify it.

Once again, come Monday, I am watching the tracking and the package isn’t delivered. It ended up at a different sorting facility in downtown Portland. At that time, I called and spoke with the customer service agent who said she would investigate my issue. She called me back a couple hours later and it turns out that not only had the zip code been entered incorrectly but the entire address was misspelt—even with me spelling out the entire thing.

I called Beachbody back once again and (with the apologies of my coach) decided to try one last time. I told the customer service representative all of my issues with shipping. They tried blaming me and I told them I could send them the actual miswritten label from USPS because the representative pulled it. They still didn’t apologize but sent me a new package—not offering any discounts or anything. They still charged me full price for everthing.

During the second or third call, I also found out that I had been enrolled in reoccurring payments for Beachbody OnDemand (the video service) and Shakeology plus paying fees to be a coach. All of these would be charged automatically to my Visa without my knowledge. Even with my bad experience, I decided that I would wait to receive the package and see how it went.

I finally received the package and was able to start the program. The Shakeology that would be ordered on a reoccurring basis was for a 30-day supply at $97.46. In mid-December, I called to cancel Beachbody OnDemand because I had the 21 Day Fix DVDs and just wanted to use those for a while before paying for the streamed workouts. At that time, I asked them to change my shipping date for my 30-day supply of Shakeology because I hadn’t finished my first bag yet and still had quite a bit left.

At that time, the representative said she would change my 30-day supply of Shakeology to be charged the 28th of every month (starting December 28) and shipped that day.

On December 28, I was charged $198.92. I immediately called Shakeology to ask why I was charged double the cost and they said I had been shipped two bags. I asked them why I was shipped two and they said because I requested it, which I told them didn’t make sense because the reason I delayed the package in the first place was because I couldn’t even finish the first bag.

The best part comes next. I told the representative that I wanted a refund and he told me that the two bags had already gone out so he would send me a return shipping label and I could send back the second bag when I received it. I asked him if he was going to process the refund now and he said they wouldn’t process it until they received the bag. I asked him if they would automatically issue the refund when they received it and he told me no. He said that I had to ship the bag back, track the shipping myself and CALL THEM when it had been delivered to get the refund. At this point I was completely floored.

But it gets even better. I was out of town for work and when I returned the package had been delivered to my house. I opened it up and there WAS ONLY ONE Shakeology bag with a receipt showing a quantity of one. (As you can see in the picture). YET, I was charged for two bags even though everything accounted for only one bag being shipped.

Once again, I called Beachbody back. I told the representative I wanted a full refund for both bags and she told me she would talk to her manager. She got back on the call and said she would issue the full refund but I needed to send the package and bag back for “inspection.” So basically after everything I had dealt with they were too stingy to let me keep the bag of Shakeology…

I have never dealt with such a negative customer experience in my life. Beachbody continued to make mistakes and didn’t offer me anything in return (and most of the time didn’t even apologize). Even after all the shipping mistakes initially, they never provided a discount or any benefit.

I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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