I ordered the Brazil Butt lift and had to listen to this girl trying to up sell me for 20 minutes.She signed me up for the beachbody VIP access which I told her I did not want and she said she could do nothing about that - I had to get on beachbody.com and email them a cancellation notice.

I did what I was instructed immediately and received nothing back from customer service so I called. I was assured it would be cancelled. Guess what? I was charged anyway - $41.20 so I called immediately.

They said the were so surprised at the charge as they had it in the record that I had cancelled. The customer service agent apologized and told me the charge would be cancelled immediately.

Guess what again - days later bank says they have not received anything from beachbody.com canceling the transaction.I have called so far three times and they continue to tell me it is taken care of when in truth it has not been.


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Sacramento, California, United States #621073

I love Beachbody!I have dropped 60lbs.

and feel fantastic!! There is always going to be someone unhappy. Complain to them, don't *** about it on some website.

Not everyone will have that experiance.Just my 2 cents!

El Segundo, California, United States #618450

My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service.After reading complaints about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems.

I understand how frustrating it can be…especially when it’s about your finances!Please email me directly at custassist@beachbody.com with your order placement information and we will have your charge for the online diet support membership refunded ASAP.

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