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After my initial rant and another email to Beachbody, someone higher up in the company called me and got the product sent to me the same week.

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Hello...is anyone out there going to reply to my emails? I have been dealing with this issue for several weeks now and I cannot get a resolution nor will anyone respond to me all of a sudden. My daughter spent her hard earned money ($143.00) to buy this DVD program and now your company wants my 17 year old daughter to have to save the money AGAIN to purchase this T25 program? I had no idea that Beachbody was not a moral and ethical company, I thought your company prided itself on the commitment to help others, it appears as though your commitment on your website is a lure to attract customers.

I plan to contact the BBB and as many other organizations and well as social media to tell everyone what Beachbody really is all about...money, and stealing from a 17 year old female trying to make herself physically healthy. You asked for inforamtion and I gave Beachbody everything they requested, then agreed that this coach was endorsed by Beachbody but now won't respond to me? So not only did this independent coach steal my daughter's money but Beachbody assisted him in doing so.

I want a phone call back with the name of someone in the corporate office that I can forward all my emails to. I am a very dissatisfied and angry Beachbody customer.

This was my 5th email sent to Beachbodyalong with numerous phone calls then complete silence from Beachbody....over $143.00.

Monetary Loss: $143.

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I would still report to the BBB- the only reason you got a response was the BBB threat. They need to be reported as the "coaching " scheme is about the scummiest scmeme I have ever seen in my life.VERY DECEPTIVE!

Charles Town, West Virginia, United States #753271

Probably so, all you need is a credit card to be a beachbody coach.


Ask Curtis - below. He's on every BeachBody complaint and the official BeachBody Troll!

El Segundo, California, United States #739320

My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service.After reading your post about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems.

Please email me directly at custassist@beachbody.com and we would me more than happy to assist you further. If your daughter was charged for the workout and it was not received then we will reship the workout to her ASAP.

Please email me at the address provided and provide all the information full name, address, phone number etc that your daughter provided when she placed her order and we will research her account and solve this issue to her satisfaction.We do apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

to Beachbodycs Ladera Ranch, California, United States #739789

Thank you! Someone called me within 3 hours of my last raging email to beachbody and sent me the DVD we had ordered 5 weeks earlier. FINALLY!!!


I don't understand. What is the problem. Did she not get the DVDs?

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