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Ok so i ordered hammer and chissel with piyo and i told him i wanted to pay in full so everything seemed ok.. When i checked my account a day later there was an additional charge so i called and apparently there was a duplicate order but it was to late to stop it so...
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Current marketing for almost all of their DVD's provides and "upgraded" expedited shipping option at no charge. I should have received my product today (5th biz day since ordering), but instead have received my SECOND email that my order should be processed within 48...
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Mad in WV

I had the same issue! I had to contact them twice and after 8 days and a third chat, find out that there was a "glitch" in the order and it was never coming at all--had to be...


Same issue here. Six days in and was supposed to receive it in 3-5 days. It hasn't even shipped yet!! I tried the live chat and they said it should ship "soon". What a joke...

Purchased 21 day fix, and immediately after the package arrived called beachbody to cancel my subscription. I was fine to keep the product but did not want to continue having my card charged any further. The customer service rep I spoke with assured me that all...
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I didn't like
  • Charges without knowledge

Beachbody Staff Review from Chicago, Illinois

Horrible customer service. A woman named Kim told me 5 different prices for the same thing and after I said I would pay in full she said but they will keep charging you. She was so rude and I had given my cc info and then she said your getting the basic one for be price she had quoted for extreme- such a bait and switch! Watch out!
I started to order 21dayFix online but never finished the final steps of the order bc i changed my mind. I never confirmed the order (there are 4 steps to ordering and the final step is confirmation). I received an email 30 minutes later confirming my order and that...
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the truth

You put in YOUR credit card info. Noone else.

About two weeks ago, I saw the ads of BeachBody on TV, and visited their websites, and entered the information of my address and credit card, however, a second thought told me shouldn't purchase directly from them, so I closed the webpage before I "confirm the order"...
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My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service. After reading your post about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems. Please ema...

BeachBody's products are doubt about it. But all the complaints about their lousy customer service is right on the mark. If you order from them, be prepared for a very aggravating customer service if you're not one of the fortunate few to have their...
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Customer service is BEYOND BAD! There were NO CD\'S IN MY FIRST SHIPMENT! I called and they rushed another package guessed it...NO CD\'s AGAIN! Lied to, call cen...


:grin I have nothing but good feedback so far. an e-mail to my coach not only generated a return e-mail within hours, but a phone call within the hour. They have been very h...


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