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Beachbody - Merchant Charges Review from New York, New York

Made a one time purchased a month supply. Didn't like the product canceld before any order, but recieved a bottle the folling month. Called them canceld the order again. Now they are billing me $59 dollars for a purchase that was made in 2014 are they #!#! Kidding me!!! Total Scammers woth there billling!!!!!!!
This is by far the worse company I have ever dealt with. I initially signed up for the 3 month trial. I later realized that it was too much for me, so I called to cancel my order. Then a month goes by, and I received more vitamins in the mail. WTF. I called and told...
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I didn't like
  • Unauthorized charges to cc
  • Inefficient refund process
  • Lied to
I was trying to order the T25 this morning, and after giving all my information which went quite quickly, the lady on the phone just kept on trying to have me order other things which I did not want, on two occasions I said that I was not interested in any up grades...
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Yeah because the employees are required to read those or they live on the street. I'm sorry saying the word no is too *** difficult for a *** *** like your fat *** to do but n...

I didn't like
  • Ordering process
I called 1-800-801-0339 Beachbody to order The Brazillian But Lift. The customer service agent was polite. She stated there is an introductory rate of $5.oo for the vitamins etc. However, after 30 days I will be charged full price. When I placed my order I...
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I placed an order last Sat for ONE package. Had not gotten the email confirmation so I did the live chat today. The told me they have charged me for TWO packages... basic and ...


:) wow!looks like they really need to work on their customer service people... I think is best for everyone to just buy off the website that way you get exactly what you want ...

I am a fifty one year old women who is having great success with the Yoga Booty program that Beach Body offers. I also take the supplements and now have started with Shakeology which is changing my life! My digestive system is running well (if you know what I mean)...
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save your money

you don\'t need to spend hundreds of dollars to be fit. It\'s not rocket science, don\'t eat too much and don\'t be lazy and not get exercise. This company is taking advan...


How many 51 year old say \"Peace out\"?

If you bought P90X from anywhere but Beach Body . com do not expect any help if you need a replacement DVD. They told me to call where I purchased it from to get one. How could a company, who is responsible for promoting the product and sales, refuse to make any kind...
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Beachbody and Amazon are the only two places you can get legit Beachbody products. If you didn\'t order from one of these places - then you bought a fake, pirated copy. So you...

The R00st3r

If you bought a Ford or Chevy from a local dealer, would you return it to the main headquarters in Detroit, MI. if you had problems, or would take it back to your local dealer...

I ordered the workout DVD's and felt that the initial claims of the body slimming DVD were false advertising. I returned the product for a full refund through the USPS with delivery confirmation. It's been 1month since I've returned the DVD's and I have...
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FCC Attorney

I ordered the P90X system and paid for express shipping. more than 3 weeks later, still nothing. I called and cancelled and asked for a refund and they said no so I disputed...


I have not had bad experience with this company. I\'m not a coach, just a consumer. I would NOT say this is a scam. Clearly you had a bad experience, but to say they are a sca...


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