the team beachbody

i am one of there coach

so you can ask me


or call me 18604854510

Our goal is to curb the trend of obesity in this country. You can help us by coaching customers towards that goal. Once you qualify, you can tap into our Customer Lead Program and watch your business grow. Qualify for our customer-sharing program and tap into our database of 15,000-30,000 customers a week. Benefit from our $50 million television ad campaign, which generates your customer leads. Enjoy the gains as our customer-sharing program injects repeat business into your income stream Everyone wants to look good Everyone wants to feel good Everyone wants to make more money This is what the Beachbody® business is all about. When you become a Beachbody Coach, you'll discover how meaningfuland prosperouslife can be by helping others become fit and healthy

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Medfield, Massachusetts, United States #830085

You "coaches" are only helping yourselves to peoples money! You are not qualified fitness professionals at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are trained to SELL SELL SELL...so stop your santomoniuos line.


The people here don't need a coach all they want is better customer service.

Everyone is complaining and not working out, if you can fix customer service you probably would be able to coach.

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