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I have cancelled TWICE, sent in the cancellation form and they continued to charge me for a coaches fee ( I am not a coach) and shakeology. After I emptied the account they were pulling from they charged again and I was charged fees from the bank. Beachbodystated that...
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I liked
  • Workout video
I didn't like
  • Continuous charges after cancellation
  • Consumer tatics
  • Customer service
After being sold on being a coach and $175 later, I decided to return the coach package due to medical reason. After not receiving my refund and verifying that my package had been received by the BB warehouse I called in to get the status of my return. After being...
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It sounds like they accommodated you and refunded your money after you decided you didn't want the product. I don't see what the problem is. I mean of course they had to verif...

I didn't like
  • Customer service sucks
  • Inefficient refund process
Beachbody is a total scam. I got roped into being a coach and because I did not make certain ranks when they wanted the team leader i had ignored me and was downright ugly and rude. She even while i was still on the team blocked me from all the team stuff. She lied...
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I'm a coach. And everything you just said is a lie. Coaches get paid if they sell products. If they don't sell then obviously they don't get paid. Saying 50% of coaches don't...

the truth

So the millions of people who have lost with Beachbody are lying as well? Go fly a kite. You thought it was a get rich quick scheme and bought in. You were the one ready to li...

I purchased Rockin Body by Beach Body with hesitation. I wanted to be sure I would provide my credit card information without getting additional charges. I asked several times are you sures one time plus shipping. Yes I was informed by Beach Body representative; you...
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Thanks! I was THIS close to purchasing and then decided to check reviews. SO glad I did and no WAY will I now give them my business or credit card as they sound like frauds! I...

I ordered Turbo Fire from them, and when asked if I wanted to upgrade I said no. Well for 4 months now they have been charging me extra for some vitamins ( I have never received and didn't want in the first place) and for access to some web site. Every time I call...
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I had the SAME problem with them charging for *** things after I bought turbo fiire. However I didn\'t even bother to call. I used the online function on to spea...


Hi I just wanted to add something to this comment of Team Beachbody being a scam. First of all I bought Turbo Fire and it works well by the way. I have never had a problem get...

could not tell you if the product is any good or not the dvds will not play , such a pain to get anything so , learned a lesson and will not waste another dime with these people. I would advise , anyone not to spend your money and waste you time with these crooks ,...
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Commenters do not know what th

I bought P90X and Butt Lift directly from Beachbody - not copies or cheap knock offs. Yes, some of the disks do not work. Some will work on one DVD player and not another an...

Me too

i ordered the whole P90X program from the the Beach Body website. I had one disk that would not work at all on the first try and one that would work sometimes (but only on my ...


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