Do not believe it when it says no strings attached. We bought the Turbo Jam videos.

Now our account has been charged for a months membership in Beach Body PLUS a months worth of pills. Totaling $73.04, which was not part of the agreement when we purchased the workout dvd. It has messed my account up.

They say they will credit my account back after arguing with them for 20 minutes, BUT that still doesn't change the fact that I don't believe in Overdraft and because of their incompetence I have had to pay a very substantial late charge on a car payment that would have went through if they wouldn't have debited my account. Don't buy it!

Review about: Beachbody Membership.

Monetary Loss: $93.

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I am a Team Beachbody Coach. No one has ever had a problem with products ordered thru my site.

Each order goes smoothly.

There is no added selling pressure. All returns are handled well and I never let anyone walk away unsatisfied.Team Beachbody Pmedic64


I am a Beachbody Coach. My guess is you were offered a 10% discount by signing up for a Beachbody Plus membership account.

This is actually a very valuable service as it give you access to a multitude of fitness helps.

Beachbody is a reputable company and very honest. They have been providing you a service that you most likely agreed to. Unfortunately you didn't understand what you were signing up for.

You are charged $2.99 on a WEEKLY basis. In order to rack up $73 in charges this would have been charging your account for almost 6 months.

Did you not notice the charges coming out sooner? I mean 6 months is a long time for you not to notice.


If you ordered via phone, you have to be sharp and listen to what the operator is saying-- they're rushing through the extra offers and if you're not paying attention, you'll end up tacking on extra costs. That's why it's best to just order through a coach's site online. Those who order through a coach's online store don't have the same issues.

Longview, Texas, United States #175979

My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service. After reading complaints about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems.

I understand how frustrating it can be…especially when it’s about your finances! Anyone with problems please feel free to email me at custassist@beachbody.com. Please be patient if I have not responded within 24 hrs as I am the only person checking this email address. This means that you will not have to deal with more than one agent in regards to your account.

Beachbody is a wonderful company with GREAT products. I look forward to helping solve any problems you may have.

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