It was recantly bought to my attention that amounts up to $120 have been taken out of my visa account for the last 12 months which l was unaware of. I live in Australia purchased Shakeology once which was shipped to my coach in Texas who then shipped it to me.

I have not recieved any more items since that time yet money has been taken from my Visa monthly. How has this happened and where has the products been going???

Alex Salinas my coach from Texas has told he has recieved nothing either. I need to get to the bottom of this there are a few questions l need answering.

Regards Chris

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Roslindale, Massachusetts, United States #691889

clearly the coach is lying you get charged monthly for shakeology unless you cancel it meaning their gettin your bags and if it was a genuine concern of theirs they would call the coach relations themselves and see to the bottom of it

Santa Monica, California, United States #679372

My name is Curtis and I work for Beachbody Customer Service. After reading your post about our company I’ve personally set out to try and help solve these problems.

Please email me directly at custassist@beachbody.com with your order confirmation number and or customer number, address used to place your order as well as your contact phone number so we can research your account.

Once you email me directly I will assist you with your order and billing issue. We do apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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