I am a fifty one year old women who is having great success with the Yoga Booty program that Beach Body offers. I also take the supplements and now have started with Shakeology which is changing my life! My digestive system is running well (if you know what I mean) and my skin and nails are stronger.

I wich you all the best of luck wioth your exercise program but don't let a little Direct Mail issues get you down. The sompany will rectify.

Peace out and her is to all of our health!

Sure am glad they pugged that oil spill.

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you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars to be fit. It's not rocket science, don't eat too much and don't be lazy and not get exercise.

This company is taking advantage of people who are not very smart.

Just stop eating so much!!


How many 51 year old say "Peace out"?


Sorry you hate fat people but that is a choice you've made. Typical of people who do not want to deal with facts, just resort to name calling. I pity you with my 260 lb body!

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