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We constantly strive to protect the integrity of our Network, compensation plan, and genealogy by ensuring all Coaches and their business centers remain compliant with the Independent Team Beachbody Coach Policies and Procedures.

Running a business within our network is not always easy, as with any business opportunity, and does require time, stamina, and determiniation to make it successful. The TBB Coach opportunity can and has offered financial freedom to many, as well as a positive feeling you are helping everyday people become better versions of themselves.

We apologize your experience as a TBB Coach ended poorly, but we want you to know we take your feedback very serious and will look into this matter further.

Beachbody Corporate

Sadly after giving 7 years of my life, my time from my family, my energy, my wallet and my whole hearted effort, the real practices behind Beachbody "corporate world" and coaching has finally reared it's ugly head! I have seen things like this happen to others in the past but thought it was isolated issue and I didn't want to believe anyone (let alone my trusted leader) would do this to me!

I will say I love the programs they are great, I love the products they are really great! I will defend them as they are truly legit (tho pricey and I'm talking about Shakeology). They do offer helpful tools to help people get healthy & fit. But you know what?

You can get everything they offer on Amazon, Ebay & Craigslist and with Prime 1-2 day shipping without the headache of "coaches", all that drama, the auto shipments or random charges. Or someone with no background in fitness or nutrition degrees hounding you. Over time you will see (like I began to) what's really behind the "Coaching" world. Greedy corporate people who pretend like they care but don't.

The only want to suppress the "lower ranked coaches" so that when there is something wrong and you smell a rat or something suspicious, your issues and concerns are swept under the rug and forgotten about. They are only there to help the "big names" and "big titles" and people who prove their "Eliteness". #TakeCareNowByeByeNow At one point in my life coaching was a true blessing but after years and years of naiveity, the smoke and mirrors were revealed. Please be aware this coaching "thing" can be very toxic.

It will consume your life, your time away from family. And in order to "make it" and you will PAY for it. As I have been shown this week they will always change the bylaws and rules to meet their "special criteria". They will always bend and twist the rules they put in place to fit the companies agenda and to line their pockets.

Yes, you can make some decent money really helping people find fitness and health. I have done it myself. I am been in the fitness industry. I have a nutrition degree and background.

Sadly many coaches are not and just say whatever they were told to say to make sales. Bottom line, people get greedy and people get desperate over time. And they forget their humble beginnings. As in my case after 7 years of loyalty or stupidity to this upline team I joined (can't figure that one at right now).

I decided to take a much needed break from coaching to refocus and prioritize as it was completely consuming me. And that's when the $hit hit the fan. The snakes literally came out of the woodwork! My "Super Star" Diamond upline Coach came sniffing around as she had heard I was "on break" and literally took one of my top leading team mates (aka Coach) right out from under me...even went to Beachbody corporate behind my back to seal the deal, not one word from her or said team mate and they switched her over just like that.

Even though it states it's illegal to do so in the bylaws. I was told today by Beachbody corporate that they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and as they see fit. Bottom line, there is very real and ugly side to this coaching gig....I had only be privy to it on the surface up until now. So if you don't have thick skin...and you don't mind watching Elite and Top Coaches take your team mates away from you when your not looking I don't advise getting involved - it hurts and it sucks!

You might make a few thousand dollars over the years but don't be fooled. You will have to work 70+ hours a week (and mainly on the weekends) on social media building a "presence", recruiting and promoting on social media to gain any traction. And btw all the big time "coaches" already knew about all this long before they felt like disclosing it to their team and others. ALL of the top Coaches have already infiltrated Instagram, Snap & Fbook for you!

They gotta make sure they get their first ya know! Social media is a big marketing business now with MLM's like Rodan Field, Willa, Beachbody, Luluroe, Wine Clubs, eyelashes, Plexus, Young name it. I wanted to share this with anyone considering Coaching be VERY aware and be VERY careful who you "align" yourself with in this company. Everyone knows everyone especially in corporate and everyone is scratching everyone's back.

I've seen it happen over and over again to others and the #truthbomb just hit me this week! For many that have experienced on some level what I'm talking about then you already know how hard this pill is to swallow.

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